The Telekom logo on a building.


Meta, LinkedIn, YouTube – Consulting

Results: 9.43x cheaper than the industry, at a cost per visit to local stores

In close cooperation with Telekom, I developed a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube that combined several goals and harmonized excellently with the TV advertising. Through intensive consulting, I developed a strategy that not only won an Effie, but also helped Telekom to exceed its goals many times over and win many new customers.

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DisneyCastle in Disney World.


Meta, Twitter, Snapchat – Sales

Results: Increase in ticket sales with a positive ROI

The client had the goal of increasing ticket sales for the Disneyland theme parks. Starting with consulting, I evaluated opportunities for the client and developed personas. These were pre-qualified with a personalized approach to ultimately target them with tailored Offer Ads. By later tapping into the dreamlike memories of their visit, we were able to positively impact the brand image in addition to sustainable ticket sales.

Young woman typing on smartphone.


Meta, LinkedIn – Contracting

Results: 3,6 ROAS on average

The client wanted to increase the number of mobile contract signings in the B2C and B2B sectors. With a holistic approach, I managed to aggregate all available data points. I visualized the data for the client in a Power BI dashboard and made it easy to grasp. Using this data, I was able to develop a strategy and implement semi-automated always-on campaigns. These delivered an average ROAS of 3.6.

A chart on a MacBook screen.


Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING – Sales, Booked Consultations

Results: High-value prospects for consulting appointments

The customer offers highly complex software solutions in the B2B segment. With such consulting-intensive products, even the algorithms of the platforms reach their limits. The solution: a hyper-targeted campaign across multiple channels. This enabled me to create a constant flow of booked consultations with high-value prospects for SAP.

Black and white photo of a behind the scenes in the film studio.


Facebook — Brand Awareness

Results: Product awareness +4%, Brand Awareness +6%, recommendation uplift +10%

With an individual strategy and a complex campaign structure, a measurable and significant increase in awareness of the digital hessenschau products could be achieved. I managed the whole thing together with my agency Elirius and creative agency Publicis Pixelpark. Our strategy enabled us to achieve 14.5 million high-quality impressions with a target group coverage of almost 87%. The success validation is done by a brand lift study by Nielson. Read the full case here

VW concept car in red.


Meta – Awareness, Pre-Orders

Results: +14% Ad-Recall, Pre-Orders exceeded availability

VW wanted to increase general awareness for the ID.3 and, in a later step, achieve pre-orders for the model. I planned, implemented, and evaluated a full-funnel campaign for the client. Through the campaign, so many pre-orders were generated that they exceeded the availability of the model at release.

Other people I worked with

  • Publicis Media Group
  • Havas Media Group
  • Nespresso
  • ZDF
  • Thyssenkrupp
  • AMD
  • Skai / Kenshoo
  • Nielsen