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Awards and Certificates

I have over 10 years of experience with large and small budgets and have won several awards.

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Effie Award (Silver)

Magenta Business Home Office Campaign (Telekom)

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Meta Certified Planning Professional

For the longest time worldwide

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Twitter Certified Advertiser

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Snapchat Certified Advertiser

Snap Focus, Advertising Essentials

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Various Certifications

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iPhone in a human hand.

What I can do for you


From analysis to building a holistic social ecosystem, I can support and advise you throughout the entire process.


With proper data analysis and market research studies, I assist you to better evaluate the success of your activities.


I can help you build a social advertising department and train your team.


About me

I am a Social Expert for Owned-, Paid- and Earned Media. I help businesses develop, implement, and evaluate holistic social media strategies. With more than 10 years of experience I am pleased to count myself among the most experienced social experts.

During my business journey I have gained a lot of experience in various industries. My biggest ambition is to ensure that my clients are satisfied and reach their goals or even better exceed them. I would love to show you the true potential unleashed by social advertising.

Who am I? I'm a data nerd who pursues his obsession through his work. Beyond that I love astronomy, fine wine and gin, anime, swimming, deep conversations with friends and–of course–trading! You could call it wildly mixed–I call it variety rich and without wear-out-effect.

Thanks for your time! Have a great day. Cheers.